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Aqua Neat- (2.5 gallons)
Non-selective aquatic weed control for in and around flowing or stagnant fresh and
estuaries or brackish water.
Barricade 65 WDG- (5 pounds)
A preemergent water-dispersible granule herbicide for use in established turfgrass and
other non-crop areas to control more than 30 weeds. This product controls weeds such
as crabgrass, barnyard grass, foxtails, chickweed, bluegrass, henbit, knotweed, see label
for more controlled weeds.
Battleship III- (30 Gallons, 2.5 gallons)
“Three-way” formulation of triclopyr, fluroxypyr and MCPA in an easy-to-use liquid
formulation.  Provides postemergent control of tough broadleaf weeds. Its 2,4-D-free
formulation is effective in cool and warm season turfgrass.
Chaser 2- (2.5 gallons)
A superior warm weather broadleaf herbicide. Its amine formulation controls a wide
spectrum broadleaf weeds including hard-to-kill weeds that other herbicides will not.
Active Ingredients include 2,4-D Amine and Triclopyr.
Confront- (1 gallons)
This herbicide has two different active ingredients, Triclopyr and Clopyralid to control a
broad spectrum of weeds such as tough to kill weeds like wild violet and oxalis. Con-
front will provide close to 100% control of 35 hard to control broadleaf weeds when
used according to directions on the label.
Cool Power- (2.5 gallons)
A three-way postemergent selective herbicide that controls dandelions, chickweeds,
plantains, oxalis, spurge and a vast range of broadleaf weeds in cool weather climates.
Cool Power’s premium ester formulation is ideal for winter weed control, dormant warm
season turf and early season applications in transition zones and cool season climates.
Defender- (1 quart)
Early season post emergent weed control. Ideal to mix with dimension for a low tem-
perature attack on weeds.
Dimension 2EW- (2.5 gallons)
Turf and ornamental preemmergent weed control. Ideal for control of crabgrass in turf,
see label for complete list of controlled weeds.
Drive XLR8- (.5 gallon)
Fast acting post-emergent herbicide which has great control of crabgrass and a variety
of broad leaf weeds. Rainfast is less than one hour.
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